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Creating Interface classes in UE4 using C++

Using interfaces can make your code more flexible and save you some time from writing the same code again and again…….

Construction Script based on C++

Each time you make a change to a Blueprint (for example you drag it to a different position on your map) it’s construction script runs. This script contains code which is responsible for certain initialization operations. Using the construction script can accelerate certain operations, for example you can create an actor which generates random foliage……

Understanding Lambda Expressions

In some cases, you may need to create a useful piece of code, which will be used just once. That moment, you might find yourself thinking about creating a function for that (which, in this particular case, will only get called once) and I imagine that while you’re thinking that you might be cringing (at least I would). Consider the following example:

You need to……

Consuming Data Tables

In this tutorial, you’re going to see how you can consume Data Tables using C++. To create a Data Table you need a struct, so for the first part of this tutorial I’m going to create a struct in C++ code.

Creating the necessary Struct

Create a struct and in the header file type in the following variables(in……

Timers and DeltaTime

By now, you should have noticed that in every Tick function there is a float parameter named DeltaTime. This parameter is equal to the seconds it took in order for the last frame to be completed. In this tutorial, I’m going to create a function which fires every X seconds using Timers

Creating a Timer

In UE4……

Structs Explanation

A structs is a custom variable which you can create. Think of structs as containers, which are constituted by different data types.

Creating a Struct

In order to add a struct, from the class wizard check the “Show all Classes” and select the class Object (I named my stuct PlayerStats in this case). When visual studio pops up,……

Static Keyword Explanation

The static keyword meaning can differ between functions and variables:

A static function in a class means that you don’t need to create an actual instance of a class to access a specific function which is marked as static
A static variable inside a class means tha exactly same thing. However, sometimes you can declare a static……